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 L2Olymp Server Rules

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PostSubject: L2Olymp Server Rules   Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:03 pm

General Rules

#1 - English ONLY!
We are an International Community - and English is the most used language worldwide. As such, you must use English while posting on our Community Boards. This rule does not concern the International Board!

#2 - Stay cool.
We're not here to eat each others. Any kind of aggressivity is not tolerated. No racism, no insults, no caps-lock.

#3 - Chill! Patience always pay back.
Did you post a message on which you're waiting for an answer from a member of the Olymp Team? Chill. You will get an answer from us when we have one.

Additional Rules

° Do not ask any staff members for items, adena, mobs, or exp. They are not allowed to give out anything.
° GM's will NEVER ask you about your account info!
° If you'll get scammed, or whatever, it's your own problem and Staff won't take any action, except punishing the offender. Lost items WILL NOT be given back.
° If you abuse bug to get any Items Accounts or Adena u will get pernament BANN hwid.
° Insulting anyone from GM Staff will be punished accordingly.
° Pretending that your one of Olymp's Staff members is a bannable offense.
° Clans/alliances, or players are not allowed to have a GM crest or have anything to do with GM in their name. Clans/Alliances, or players caught doing so will be dissolved and the leader/players in question will be banned.
° Players have to be responsible for their own account. If you share your account information with someone, know that you will be responsible. GMs will NOT give stolen accounts back.

That's it!
Rules are simple. We're not asking for much from you here. Remember, we work for free, for fun. Keep it cool and everything will be perfectly fine!
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L2Olymp Server Rules
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